About Gl. Rye School   
Gammel Rye Primary School is a rural co-educational day school, situated in the village of Gammel Rye, itself part of an area of outstanding natural beauty in the heart of the Danish Lake District and only 30 kilometres from Denmark’s second largest city, Århus.
The village of Gammel Rye is very old and has on several occasions played a significant role in Danish history as in 1534 when King Christian III was elected King in the church.
Gammel Rye is today a thriving local community boasting a wide variety of cultural activities and social societies and Gammel Rye Primary school is the natural centre for a large part these.
The school consists of 236 pupils from 6 to 13 years old. There are 40 members of staff, including teachers, social educators, administrative staff and caretakers – all committed to finding the best ways of meeting the challenges of primary education
We acknowledge and accept that everybody learns in different ways, and strive to provide a flexible learning environment to allow for the different learning styles of each individual.
The village and the outstanding countryside surrounding it are daily elements in our lessons. Our third form spends one day a week in our Outdoor School project and many extra curricula activities take place in the woods.
We encourage community spirit and start each school day with assembly.
We welcome diversity and believe we can reach higher goals by working together.
We aim for our pupils to achieve high academic standards, to have a say in every aspect of school life and make their own positive contribution, and to be inquisitive and keen to learn.
Gammel Rye School plays a central role in the village and we recognise our strong obligation to contribute to the cultural activities and to support the local societies, interest groups and other institutions.
At Gammel Rye school we meet both children and adults with interest and acknowledgement.